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The pack includes:


Display banners- ‘Toys’, ‘Old and New Toys’ and ‘Toys and Games’

Display border

Word cards

Describing words

Word searches

Writing worksheets

My favourite toy

Word mat

Number line

Alphabet line

Flash cards

Design a toy

Colouring pictures

Tracing pictures

Book cover


Matching pairs game

Number dominoes

Label the toys

Counting cards

Size ordering

Literacy worksheets- match labels to toys, write initial sounds, write words to describe different toys

Play dough mats

Old toys posters

Old and new posters

Baby and child toys

Our favourite toys

Push and pull- look at some different toys and talk about what force is used to make them move

Write a story

Make some toys- photocopiable sheets for making 15 different simple toys such as split pin puppets, a jigsaw, a marble maze, a die to use with the snakes and ladders board


Toy shop role play pack


A full pack of resources to set up

your own toy shop in the classroom

Toys topic and history resource pack Plus Toy Shop role play

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