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About our Resources

All the resources on this website are the property of Learning Lane.   They are not to be copied, distributed, re-sold, traded, lease out, or otherwise commercially exploited.  for full details on our Intellectual property rights please see our Terms and Conditions.

Our resources are produced to the highest quality and use the font Sassoon Primary Infant which is one of the most common fonts used in Primary schools.

Many computers already have all the relevant software installed in order to download and use our resources.  However, in some cases you may need to install one or more additional free programs. 

How to download your resources

All our resources are available to download after payment has been completed.  You can download the resources after checkout by clicking on the download button.
Your resources will also be sent to your email folder for you to download from there.
If you mistakenly gave us the wrong email address when registering, then your email will not be delivered.  If this has happened then please contact us and we can amend your details.

PDF files

All of our resources are saved as PDF files.  This is to give maximum compatibility with the greatest number of computers and also means that you do not need to have the same fonts or programs installed on your computer which we used to create the resource.
To open a PDF file you will need to use Adobe Acrobat.  Many computers will already have this program on their computer and it will open automatically when you open one of our files.
If you computer does not have the program installed then it can be downloaded for free from Adobe Acrobat.

PowerPoint Presentations

Some of our resources may contain a PowerPoint presentation which can be used on an Interactive Whiteboard.  If your computer doesn't have PowerPoint installed already then you will need to download the free program from Microsoft PowerPoint.

ZIP files

Some of our resource packs are sent in the form of ZIP files.  This makes the download smaller and quicker and allows us to send just one file for the download.
In this zipped file you will find all the separate resources stored in a compressed form. 
Your computer may already have the program installed in order to unzip these files or you may need to download the free program 7-Zip.

If you have any problems or need further assistance then please contact us.


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