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The pack includes:





Display banner- a long colourful banner for your display

Display border- a colourful border to print out as many times as you need for your display boards

Clock posters- A4 posters showing clocks and the times for o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past

Vocabulary cards- decorated cards with vocabulary related to time

Bingo games- Two bingo games- one for o’clock times and the other for half past/ quarter to and quarter past

Teaching posters- A4 and A3 posters to print and laminate to add the times to of an analogue clock and a digital clock

Calendar- A colourful rainbow calendar to make for your class

Make you own clock- cut out the numbers and hand and make your own clock

Posters- a collection of posters about different times eg. There are 60 minutes in an hour

Seasons pack- an A4 poster showing the four seasons, individual posters for each season, a selection of colour photos for each season, a cut and stick worksheet and sorting boards and pictures

Loop cards- various loop card games for different times

Days of the week cards

Months of the year cards

Dominoes- match the analogue clocks to the written times

All about time- a poster with statements about time

Clock poster- a poster with a labelled clock

Question cards- great to add to your display

Posters- a set of posters showing an analogue clock, the time in words and a digital clock for different times

Day and night photographs


A large collection of worksheets and a workbook cover including:

O’clock, half past and quarter to/past

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Problem solving

24 hour clock

Digital clocks

What happens at different times of the day

Order the days and months

My Day

Plus many more!

Time resource pack - Maths

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