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This book companion is based on the book 'The Lonely Scarecrow' by Tim Preston and contains a variety of activities and colorful sequencing cards.


The packet contains:


  • A set of colorful sequencing cards
  • Cause and effect worksheets- three versions
  • The lonely scarecrows character traits
  • My favorite part of the story- draw and write worksheet
  • Graphic organizers- three versions
  • Label the scarecrow- two versions to cut and paste or write the labels
  • Writing activity- write a letter to the animals from the scarecrow- three versions
  • Retell the story writing worksheet
  • My scarecrow worksheets- three different versions for differentiation
  • The Lonely Scarecrow grid- The Lonely Scarecrow has, lives, feels
  • Writing activity- write three sentences about the lonely scarecrow
  • Feelings worksheets- draw the faces on the scarecrow to show how he feels at the beginning and the end of the story or write how he feels at the beginning, middle and end of the story
  • True or False- read the statements about the story and decide which are true or false plus an extra worksheet to write some of your own true and false statements
  • A bonus scarecrow game

The Lonely Scarecrow book companion

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