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This book companion is based on the book 'The Little Scarecrow Boy' by Margaret Wise Brown. This is a fun book for Fall about a scarecrow boy and growing up.


The packet contains:


  • Beginning, middle and end organizer
  • Writing activity- I would scare the crows by...
  • Text-to-self activity- The Little Scarecrow Boy needed to grow up before he could... I need to grow up before I can...
  • Drawing and writing activity- my #6 face
  • Emergent reader book- My Scarecrow- read and color the book
  • Comparing characters- compare Old Man Scarecrow and The Little Scarecrow Boy plus color pictures of the characters to add words and phrases around
  • Graphic organizers
  • Scarecrows Can, Have, Are grid
  • Draw the six faces that the Little Scarecrow Boy made to scare the crows
  • Feelings writing activity- how he felt at the begging of the story and why and how he felt at the end and why he felt that way
  • My Scarecrow writing activity- draw your own scarecrow and describe it
  • If I were a Scarecrow activity sheet- what would you name be, what would you look like, how would you scare the crows, where would you live and what would by your favorite thing to do

The Little Scarecrow Boy book companion

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