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The pack includes:


· Two long colourful display banners of ‘Pirates’ and ‘Treasure Island’ each decorated with pirate themed pictures

· A colourful display border

· An A4 word card

· Topic words

· Word and picture flashcards

· Pirate posters

· Colouring pictures

· Phoneme coins

· Alphabet coins

· Bingo

· Skull and cross-bone bunting

· Pirate phrases on posters

· A pirate profile worksheet

· Songs and rhymes about pirates

· Play dough mats

· Colourful treasure to cut out and use on displays

· Board game

· Wordsearches

· ‘My pirate adventure’ worksheet

· Wanted posters

· Writing pages

· Design a pirate flag worksheet

· Search for the treasure game

· Cut and stick treasure map

· Acrostic poem

· Speech bubble worksheets

· Counting cards up to 10

· Design a pirate ship worksheet

· Describe the treasure worksheet

· A worksheet for the children to draw and write what they have spotted through the telescope




Large banner

Pirate masks

Pirate badges

Make a pirate hat

Make an eye patch

A dagger template

Pirate ship rule posters

A collection of different beards, hats, eye patches and moustaches to make your own pirate masks

Various posters

ID cards for the pirates

Ships log book cover and pages


Treasure book cover and pages

Pirates resource pack Plus Pirate ship role play

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