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The pack includes:


Aspect 1- Environmental sounds

A trip to the park

A trip to the zoo

Describe and find it- In the Jungle

Describe and find it- On the Farm

Guess the sound- listen to the sound on each page and choose the correct picture from the choice of 3- self correcting

Mrs Browning's box

On the farm

Sound lotto

Sound we like and dislike


Aspect 2- Instrumental sounds

Instrument hunt

What are we playing

Make the sounds

Aspect 3- Body percussion

Noisy neighbour

Noisy or quiet

Aspect 4- Rhythm and rhyme

Animal rhythms

Baa Baa Black Sheep- An animated nursery rhyme presentation with sounds

Hickory Dickory Dock- Animated nursery rhyme with sounds

Bear rhyming pairs

I know a word- Think of the word that rhymes from the clue given

Rhyming bubbles

Odd one out- Burst the balloon that doesn’t rhyme

Our favourite rhymes

Rhyming soup

Aspect 5- Alliteration

Digging for treasure

Bertha the bus

Clarice the car

Bethany goes to the beach

Sundeep goes swimming

Meet the Aliens- listen to the sounds the alien makes and say the funny alien names

Meet the aliens- as above but without alien names for the children to make up their own names for each colourful alien

Silly soup

Tongue twisters

Aspect 6- Voice sounds

Voice sounds

Make the sounds on the farm

Make the sounds at the zoo

Metal Mike

Aspect 7- Oral blending and segmenting

Toy talk

Clapping sounds

I spy

Which one

Phonics Phase 1 - IWB Resources

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