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Games and activities- a collection of Numicon style resources which can be used with Numicon shape pieces



The pack includes:



Bingo game- identify the number shapes 1-10

Matching pairs- Match the number shapes to the number- numbers 1-10 and numbers 10-20

Jigsaw puzzles- Match the four parts of each puzzle with number, Numicon number shape, number tower and objects to count

Loop games- Loop games for numbers to 10, 20 and 30

Board game- Collect the amounts shown and count the number shapes

Carpet game- Choose a card and count the objects on it and then collect the corresponding Numicon number shape

Turtle game- These cards can be used for a matching pairs game to find the same amounts or used to order the number shapes to 10

Number rockets- Make rockets using numbers, Numicon number shapes, counting hands, number towers and counting objects- these make a great display

Number bonds dominoes- Numicon themed number bond domino game

Dominoes- match the Numicon number shapes

Clip cards- Clip the number with a peg which matches the number shape


Please note: These are not official Numicon resources but have been created by ourselves to support the scheme.


Numicon style Game and Activities

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