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The pack includes:

  • 18 flash cards of different coloured insects and minibeasts with their names
  • A lovely photo pack of 16 colour photos of different insects and minibeasts
  • Three large colourful display banners with pictures of insects and minibeast- 'Minibeasts and Insects', 'Minibeasts' and 'Insects'
  • A coloured and a black and white insect and minibeast spotting card- great for taking on your nature walks or for sending home with the children to search for minibeasts at home
  • 'What am I?' clue cards to guess the minibeast or insect
  • Question cards to add to your displays
  • Rhymes about minibeasts and insects
  • 18 A4 sized black and white pictures for colouring or craft work
  • Topic word cards to help when describing the habitats of the creatures
  • Individual fans to make with different minibeasts/insects on and a list of questions for use by the teacher-a clue can be read and the children have to show you the correct creature
  • A5 fact cards for each minibeast and insect
  • A display border to print out showing the different creatures featured in the pack-this can be printed out as many times as you need for whatever size display board you have
  • An A4 bordered page to display the children's work
  • A large title of 'Minibeasts and Insects' -each letter is decorated with small minibeast pictures

Also included are some resources for the story 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'- for more resources see my separate Hungry Caterpillar pack:

  • A large Hungry Caterpillar display banner
  • A colour photo pack of caterpillars and butterflies
  • Days of the week cards with pictures of the food the Hungry Caterpillar ate each day
  • Picture and word cards
  • A colourful themed bingo game

Minibeast and Insects resource pack

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