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The pack includes:

Powerpoint- A Powerpoint about the festival of Hanukkah -when it is, what is eaten, how it is celebrated

Photographs- Colour photos of a Menorah, a Dreidel, Hanukkah Gelt and people lighting the Menorah candles

Word cards

Fact cards

Display banners- 2 different large titles for displays 'Happy Hanukkah' and 'Hanukkah' each with Hanukkah themed pictures

Display border

Writing pages

Colour posters- A set of A4 information posters with pictures of Gelt money, Menorah, Dreidel and Potato Latkes

Display lettering

Hanukkah story

Colouring posters


Number line

Alphabet line

Colour posters- A4 posters with pictures of images associated with Hanukkah

Songs and rhymes

Recipe- A photo recipe to make Latke cakes- a popular Hanukkah dish

Dreidel game

Make a Dreidel- A 3D Dreidel spinner to make complete with instructions

Hanukkah cards

Acrostic poemMaths worksheet- Count the number of Dreidels

Addition worksheet

Menorah Counting

Cut and make a Menorah

Number dominoes

Word search

Worksheets- Match the Hanukkah words to the pictures, draw the Hanukkah pictures and fill in the missing words

Writing activities- Worksheets to write the Dreidel instructions and writing about Hanukkah


Hanukkah resource pack

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