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The pack includes:

  • Display banners- Two different colourful banners for your Halloween display
  • Display borders- Various borders which can be printed as many times as you need for display boards of any size
  • Pictures- Large colour and black and white pictures of things such as a spider, a pumpkin, a ghost etc- these look great on displays and the black and white version could be used for art work
  • Matching pairs game- A Halloween themed game
  • Bingo- A colourful Halloween themed bingo game
  • A4 display borders- Work borders in colour and black and white for displaying work quickly or to use as writing pages
  • Worksheets- Various worksheets with a Halloween theme- maths, writing, drawing
  • Tracing- Various tracing worksheets to trace over the dotted lines of the pictures
  • Counting cards- Cards up to ten each with a spider web and the corresponding number of spiders
  • Alphabet- A colourful alphabet line on pumpkins
  • Colour photos- Great for displays or discussion
  • Face masks- Halloween face masks in colour and black and white of a witch, a pumpkin, a black cat and a skeleton
  • Numbers- A number line to 100 on spiders
  • Word cards- Topic word cards about Halloween-each decorated with Halloween pictures
  • A4 word card- A colourful card with words and pictures which can be used when writing about Halloween
  • Word searches- Two different word searches with words and pictures relating to Halloween
  • Colouring- Various colouring sheets for Halloween
  • Number rhyme- The rhyme 'Five Little Pumpkins'- a lovely Halloween number rhyme with rhyme cards, props and face masks

Halloween resource pack

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