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The pack includes:

  • Large characters and story props pictures- great for displays or for laminating and adding velcro to the back to use on flannel boards
  • Small characters and story props pictures with A4 sized playboard- great for individual table top play and also great to laminate and keep with the book or in a story sack
  • Story word cards- great for use in the childrens writing
  • Sentence cards to sequence of the story
  • Information fact cards about real bears
  • A collection of challenge cards to accompany the story such as making chairs for the different bears
  • A picture dominoes game to make and play
  • Black and white pictures of the characters and story props for the children to colour
  • Finger puppets to make of the three bears and Goldilocks for retelling the story
  • Black and white and colour face masks of the Three Bears and Goldilocks- great for retelling of the story and for use in outdoor play
  • Speech and thought bubbles of some of the things the three bears and Goldilocks say in the story- great to add to your displays
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears themed picture dominoes game
  • A lovely bingo game with pictures for the story
  • A matching pairs game
  • Photos of real bears- great for display and discussion

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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