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This pack is perfect for teaching your children about the Hindu festival of Diwali.

There are two emergent reader books for different abilities- the easier version has 7 pages and slightly more difficult version has 9 pages.

There are a variety of activities which can be used as Maths and Literacy centers including:

Cut and paste numbered diya lamps from 1-5 and 1-10.
Roll and color diya lamp sheets to use with one die for number recognition (or counting if using a dotty die) to 6 and coloring sheets to use for adding the numbers on two dice together.
Missing number cards which can be laminated and used with dry-wipe pens or the students can copy the sequence in their books. There are 20 different cards with numbers up to 20. There are also number cards to 20 on colored diya lamps which can be placed on the missing numbers on the cards or can be used as a separate center to order the numbers.
Diya lamp size ordering cut and paste sheet.

Write the room- 8 coloured Diwali cards to find and write the words and also blank cards to make your own version.
Make the sentences- cut and paste the beginning and end of the sentences to make 4 sentences.
Sentence scramble- coloured cards to make the 4 sentences and four cut and paste sheets to make and write the sentence.

Also included are the following activities:
A Diwali acrostic poem sheet
Comparing celebrations sheet for writing or drawing
Diwali facts sheet- two versions of this
Two Diwali themed word searches
A missing word sheet for Diwali
A set of 6 Rangoli patterns to trace and color
A colorful Rangoli matching pairs game
Four different page borders for writing activities in color and ready to print

Divali/ Diwali maths and literacy resource pack

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