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Creepy Carrots is one of my favorite read-aloud books to use with my students.


The pack includes:

A craftivity to create your own unique Creepy carrot

A literacy center with CVC carrots to make

Cause and effect worksheets- three versions

Beginning, middle and end of story worksheet

Jasper's character traits

Comprehension worksheets- two versions

My favorite part of the story- draw and write worksheet

Graphic organizers- three versions

Instructional writing- Jasper's plan- worksheets for drawing and writing

Cut and paste sentence making activity

Writing activity- My plan to stop the creepy carrots

Retell the story writing worksheet

Drawing activity- what does Jasper think he sees and what does he really see?

What happens next- three worksheets to draw and write

Writing activity- What will the carrots do next?

Write and draw about Jasper

Writing activity- If Creepy carrots were following me, i would...

Creepy Carrots book companion

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