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The pack includes:

  • Large letters to display in your baby clinic saying 'Baby clinic'.  Each letter is decorated with small pictures relating to the baby clinic,
  • Words relating to the baby clinic such as baby, dummy, medicine, scales etc - each word also has the picture of it,
  • Large (A4 sized) pictures of things found in a baby clinic- these are great for decorating your baby clinic, displays or discussion,
  • Forms to encourage writing in the role play area- an A5 sized folder to make to keep the baby's records in, height and weight charts, medicine forms etc,
  • A large sign for the children to write on to show who the doctor and nurse is that day,
  • Signs to display in the baby clinic such as for toilets, waiting room, office, reception- each is decorated with small pictures,
  • A large (A3 sized) poster showing items for sale for babies in the clinic shop

Baby Clinic role play

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