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This book companion is based on the book 'Apple Trouble' by Ragnhild Scamell which is a lovely story for Fall. It contains a variety of story activities and colorful sequencing cards.


The packet contains:


  • A set of colorful sequencing cards- also provided in blackline
  • Story comprehension cards with a choice of two picture answers or three picture answers for children of differing abilities
  • My favorite part of the story- draw and write worksheet
  • Graphic organizers- three versions
  • Text-to-self activity- What trouble did Hedgehog have and what trouble have they had themselves
  • Writing activity- what would you so Hedgehog didn't get things caught on her spikes again?
  • Sequencing worksheets- order the pictures from 1st to 10th to retell the story or cut and paste the pictures of the things that got stuck on Hedgehogs back in the correct order
  • Beginning, Middle and End organizer
  • Hedgehog grid- Hedgehogs Can, Have, Are
  • Writing activity- write three sentences about Hedgehog
  • What happens next- two worksheets to draw and write what happens next in the story
  • List writing- make a list of everything that got stuck on Hedgehog's spikes
  • Problem and Solution- draw and write about Hedgehog's problem, a solution that didn't work and the solution that did work
  • Story retelling set craftivity- A large hedgehog and all of the items that got stuck on her spikes to cut and paste or use when listening to the story- in color and blackline

Apple Trouble book companion

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