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  photo 9.pngTransport photo 3-2.png
A bumper resource pack  to print out and use for the topic of ‘Transport’ or ‘Journeys’

The pack includes:
Banners- Two long colourful displays banner with pictures of ‘Transport’ and ‘Journeys’
Display borders- Various colourful display borders to print out as many times as you need for display boards of any size
Topic word card
A4 word card- with words and pictures- great for writing activities
Colouring posters- of land, sea and air transport
Powerpoint- about different types of transport
A4 page borders- colourful borders which can be used to quickly display the children’s work
Old and new photos- photos of old and new buses, cars and trains

Sorting worksheet- Sort the pictures into air, land and sea transport
Transport spotter card- a coloured and a black white card for road surveys or for the children to use on car journeys
Word and picture flashcards
Playdough mats
Bingo- a colourful transport themed bingo game
Counting card- an A4 card with numbers to ten and the corresponding number of different methods of transport
Colour photos- land, sea and air transport photos
 photo 3-2.png Car resources  photo 6.png

Word cards- words relating to cars on colourful cards- great for displays
Road alphabet- an upper case alphabet with each letter looking like a road
Colour cars- a set of colourful cars in different colours with the colour name written on the number plate
Ordinal number cars- a set of ten coloured cars with drivers with ordinal numbers on them
Writing pages- black and white writing borders for the children to write on or to include in the writing area

Display banners- two long banners with ‘Cars’ and ‘Transport’ with car pictures
Road signs- large road signs which could be used for display or in the outside area with the cars and trucks
Photos- coloured photos of the parts of a car
Dice game- roll the die and collect the numbered part for your car
HFW number plates- all 300 high frequency words from the Letters and Sounds scheme on number plates
Blank road signs- for the children to design their own signs
Number line- a number line to 50 on cars, lorries and vans- these look great displayed on a long strip of paper
 photo 4-1.png Bus resources  photo 22.png

Colour matching game- a game to make and play to find the matching pairs
Counting cards- buses from 0-10 with the corresponding number of passengers on each bus
Number line- a number on red London buses
Alphabet line
Word cards- words relating to buses on colourful cards
Bus money box- make a 3D bus money box- in colour and black and white
Colouring posters- with 0-10 passengers
Bingo- a colour themed bus bingo game
 photo 5-1.png Air transport resources  photo 2-2.png
Number line- a number line on hot air balloons
Colours- different coloured hot air balloons with the colour names on separate cards
Alphabet line- an alphabet line on helicopters
Writing paper- A4 decorated pages to write on or to include in the writing area
Display banner
Word cards- colourful word cards with words relating to air travel
Rocket matching pairs
Dice game- roll the die and cover the number on the transport picture or use the extended version where two dice are rolled and added together and the number covered
Aeroplane months- coloured aeroplanes pulling banners with the months on
 photo 8.png Sea transport resources photo 7-1.png
Display banner
Word cards- colourful word cards with words relating to sea and water travel
Alphabet- an alphabet with lower and upper case letters on pirate ships
Number line- a number line to 100 on ships


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