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The Tiny Seed

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The Tiny Seed
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A bumper resource pack for the popular story

‘The Tiny Seed'

Great for a topic on growing, Spring or the seasons.

The pack includes:


Display banner- along colourful banner for your display

Display border- acolourful themed border to print out as many times as you need for a display board of any size

Word cards- words relating to the story

Plant part flashcards- colourful cards to add to a display

Flower and plant photos- coloured photos of some different plants and flowers- great for displays and discussion

Question cards- questions relating to the story- great to add to your display or to use as prompts during literacy

Colour flowers- aset of different coloured flowers and colour labels

Plant labelling poster- an A4 and A3 sized poster showing the different parts of a plant with labels to add

Parts of a plant photos- coloured photos showing the different parts of a plant


A4 word card- an A4 word card with words and pictures for the children to use when writing about the story

Plant alphabet- a lovely alphabet line on plants

Writing sheets- a set of writing sheets with themed borders- great for writing about the story or for using in the writing area

Word searches- two word searches with words from the story to find

Label a plant- two differentiated worksheets for labelling the different parts of a plant

Growth diary- grow your own seed and record the growth each day in this diary

Seasons worksheets- a worksheet for each season and various worksheets about the different seasons and what happens

Seed packet worksheet- draw and write the details on the seed packet

What will your seeds be- draw and write what your seed will grow into

Question worksheet- answer the questions about the story and the seasons

Planting instructions worksheet- sequence the pictures for planting a seed worksheet and a worksheet to write what you did when planting the seed

Sort the story pictures worksheet-sort the things which helped the seed grow and the things that didn’t


Flower number line- a number line to 30 on the different coloured flowers

Size ordering worksheets- order the seeds and plants by size- in colour and also black and white

Seed counting worksheets- count and write the number of seeds, glue the correct number of real seeds next to each number, draw the correct number of seeds worksheet

Dot to dot worksheets- three worksheets with numbers from 1-10, 1-15 and 1-20

Leaf counting up to 10- count the number of leaves on each coloured flower and order to make a great display with numbers to add

Colour by numbers- use the number key to colour the different parts of the pictures


Matching pairs/ snap- match the seed pictures or use the cards to play snap

Bingo- collect all of the pictures for your board in this colourful game

Make a plant game- spin the spinner and collect the different parts of your plant

Flower building game- roll the special die to add or take away petals from your colourful flower

Bird game- spin the spinner to see how many seeds your bird is going to eat


Tracing sheets- trace over the dotted lines on the pictures

Face mask- make a flower face mask

Colouring pictures- large black and white pictures of different spring flowers to colour

Workbook cover- a worksheet to colour and use as a cover for your Tiny Seed work

Season sorting cards- sort the different pictures onto each board according to the season you see them in

Make a windmill- makea windmill to stand in your garden

Cut and assemble flowers- practise cutting skills to cut the parts of the flowers and colour and assemble

Make a seed packet- cut and fold the outline of the seed packet


Sequence pictures- a set of coloured pictures to use when retelling the story

Large pictures- these are great to hold up with a whole class for retelling the story

Story sack labels- a tag to add to your story telling sack

Seasons cards- four A4 cards showing the different things in each season

Plant growing sequence cards-coloured pictures showing the stages of plant growth

Please note: The artwork used in these resources has been produced by ourselves. It is notassociated with, or endorsed by the authors or publishers of the story, or any related stories or products.


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