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The Lighthouse Keeper's Christmas

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The Lighthouse Keeper's Christmas
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A great resource pack for you to print out and use again and again.

This pack is designed to be used with the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Christmas’

Display resources

· Display banner- a long colourful banner for your display

· Story word cards- great to add to a display or use in the writing area

· Display border- A themed display border to print out as many times as you need for a display board of any size

· Title poster- An A4 sized poster with the title on and author/ illustrator

· Picture flashcards- Flashcards with words and pictures of the characters and props in the story

· Story questions- colourful cards for a display with questions about the story

· Large lighthouse- a large Christmas decorated lighthouse to print out- prints over several pages

· Animal photos- colour photos of some of the sea animals seen in the book

· Story sea photos- a collection of photos of stormy seas, lighthouses and snow storms- great for displays and for inspiration for art work

Role play/ story props

· Colour face masks- of the characters in the story- great to use for retelling the story or for making up new stories

· Colour puppets- make your own stick puppets of the characters in the story to retell the story or make up your own stories

· Lighthouse role play ideas- ideas for setting up a role play area of a lighthouse in your classroom


· An A4 word card with pictures- great to use when writing about the story

· Speech bubbles worksheets- worksheets for children to fill in the speech bubbles and then colour the picture

· Letter to Father Christmas- write a letter to tell Father Christmas where they will be for Christmas

· Alphabet line- a colourful alphabet line on Christmas bunting

· Christmas list worksheet- write your own or George’s Christmas list

· Menu- write a menu for Christmas dinner

· Lighthouse jobs worksheet- write the different jobs which the Lighthouse Keeper needs to do

· Book review- a worksheet to write a book review about the story

· Acrostic poem worksheet- write a Christmas acrostic poem

· Character worksheets- various worksheets to write and draw about the different characters in the story

· Word searches- 2 different word searches

· Writing pages- various themed black and white pages to use for writing about the story or in the writing area

· Match words to pictures- various worksheets to match words to pictures and fill in the initial letters


· A number line- A number line to 50 on colourful Christmas presents

· Dot to dots- worksheets to join the dots on the lighthouses and seagulls

· Colour by numbers- colour the scenes using the number key

· Missing number worksheets- various worksheets to fill in the missing numbers on the lighthouses

· Order size worksheet- cut out and order the Christmas trees in size order

· Count the decorations worksheet- count the different decorations on the Christmas tree

· Counting cards- count the number of decorations on each Christmas tree

Art and craft

· Stick puppets- make and colour stick puppets of the characters in the story

· Decorate the Christmas tree- use paints or collage materials to decorate thetree

· Design stockings- draw some different patterns on the stockings

· Make a Christmas card- make your own Christmas card to give to Mr Grinling

· Make the trees the same- various worksheets to draw the same decorations on each Christmas tree

· Decorate the lighthouse- draw your own Christmas decorations on the lighthouse

· Create a basket- make a 3D Christmas basket for the dinner

· Seagulls to make- make your own flock of seagulls to hang from the ceiling

· Colouring pictures- pictures of the characters and some scenes to colour

Games to make and play

· Board game- move your basket along the rope towards the lighthouse but make sure you don’t land too close the seagulls!

· Christmas dinner- spin the spinner to collect the different foods needed for your Christmas dinner

· Matching pairs- match the Christmas presents

· Picture bingo- a Christmas Lighthouse themed bingo game

Please note: The art work used in these resources has been produced by ourselves. It is not associated with, or endorsed by the authors or publishers of the story,or any related stories or products.


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