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 photo 5-4.pngSpace photo 4-5.png

A great resource pack on the topic of Space for Early years and Key Stage 1 and also a Space Rocket role play pack.

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The pack includes:

· A long colourful display banner

· Several different display borders

· Information fact cards on the planets and the sun

· An A4 word card-great to use when writing

· Photos- coloured photos showing space rockets, astronauts, the night sky etc.

· Planet photos- coloured pictures of each of the planets plus the sun and Pluto

· Topic words- cards with different words relating to the topic of ‘space’

· Constellation posters- ten posters showing ten popular star constellations

· Five Little Men number rhyme- a fun pack to use with this number rhyme with rhyme card, singing props and face masks

· Display lettering- large letter in both upper case and lower case decorated with a night sky theme- make a large alphabet line or use to make any display title you want!

· Five Little Astronauts number rhyme- a pack to use with the number rhyme including rhyme cards, singing props and face masks

· Space Powerpoint- all about space and the planets

· Phonemes on planets- all of the phonemes from the Letters and Sounds scheme-makes a great colourful display

· Moon and Earth number line- an odd and even number line to 50

· My rocket worksheet- design your own rocket to travel into space

· My visit to the moon- 2 different worksheets to draw what they found on the moon and to draw and write about their trip to the moon

· Rocket number line- a colourful rocket number line to 100

· Countdown cards- showing a rocket and the countdown to Blast off!

· Astronaut alphabet line

· Colouring pictures- pictures of space scenes, astronauts, space rockets etc to colour

· Board game- a ‘race to space’ board game to make and play

· Play dough mats- make the correct number of objects on each card using play dough

· Make a split pin astronaut

· Counting mat- a counting mat showing aliens from 1-10

 photo roleplayjpeg.png

Space rocket role play

· Large banner for your role play area

· Astronaut masks in colour and black and white

· Alien masks in colour and black and white

· Star number line

· Window scenes showing things the astronauts may spot in space

· A worksheet to draw what the astronauts can see through the window of the rocket

· Posters- lots of posters for the role play area including warning signs, today’s captain, today’s astronauts etc.

· Control panel pieces- lots of colourful parts of the rocket control panel- dials, signs, levers etc

· Log book- a log book cover in colour and also in black and white and pages to use in the book for the children to record what they did and saw on the space trip

· Space rocket checklist

· Badges for the space crew to wear

· ID badges for the space crew to fill in and use in their play

· Alien stick puppets to make

· Rocket fuel guage- a large guage to make and warning posters to display when they are low on fuel!


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