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The pack includes:


  • Display banner
  • Large letters
  • Multicultural alphabet line
  • Photographs- A collection of colour photographs to print out and add to your displays- great for discussion
  • Display border
  • Dress the teddy for winter- A blank teddy with clothes such as jumper, mittens, scarf etc. to put onto the teddy so he dressed for the cold weather
  • Winter clothes- Winter clothes labels showing the word and picture- these are great for discussion or for your Winter displays
  • Work borders
  • Penguin and Igloo alphabet
  • Winter village- Create a wintery village display with snow covered houses, church and trees- there is a Christmas version with the houses and church being decorated for Christmas and a Santa and sleigh to include in your display and also a version without decorations.  These are both supplied in colour and black and white
  • Bingo
  • Topic words
  • Snowy alphabet
  • Counting cards
  • Matching pairs
  • Number lines
  • Penguin number line
  • Robin alphabet
  • Snowmen odd and even numbers
  • Winter months- Decorated large labels for the three winter months – the other month labels are included in each of my other seasons packs and also the bumper seasons pack

Winter resource pack

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