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The pack includes:

  • A large banner saying 'Vets' with pictures of different animals,
  • Large coloured pictures of six different pets,
  • Large black and white pictures of different pets- great for the children to colour or collage,
  • Topic words relating to vets with pictures,
  • Signs to display in your Vets role play area- open and closed, opening hours with small pictures of animals- also an opening hours poster for you to add your own times to,
  • Posters to display in the Vets such as reminding the pet owners to treat their dogs and cats for fleas, reminding the customers to bring their small pets to have their claws cut regularly and posters advertising things for sale,
  • Colourful hats and badges to make for the Vet and staff to wear,
  • Signs for the Vets such as 'waiting room', 'consulting room' and 'recovery room',
  • Lots of forms to encourage the children to write for a purpose suach as order forms, treatment and check-up forms, appointment cards,
  • Large pretend X-rays,
  • Signs to write in the name of the Vet that day.

Vets role play

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