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A set of 6 Powerpoint lessons with worksheets and teaching resources for each lesson.


1- Life in the 1900's- giving an overview of life at the time of the maiden voyage of The Titanic including leisure, travel etc with a worksheet for the children to fill in what they know about The Titanic and what they want to find out.


2- Building the Titanic- looking at who built the Titanic and where it was built with worksheets looking at advertising posters.


3- Life on board the Titanic- what was the accommodation like for the different classes, what activities could be done on board- with worksheets to label different parts of the ship, researching different passengers, describing rooms and comparing the rooms of the different classes.


4- The maiden voyage of The Titanic- Looking at the route the Titanic took, icebergs, the survivors and victims and why it sunk.  Worksheets including mapping the route, writing diary entries, newspaper reports and writing postcards.


5- Timeline- pages to view as a Powerpoint or print to create a timeline for display including worksheets to sequence events, writing activities and sequencing statements.


6- The discovery of the Titanic- looking at equipment used to explore the wreck and looking at artefacts found.


Also includes:

Display materials including word cards, display banner and fact cards

Photographs for display and discussion

A crossword

Writing pages with themed borders

An acrostic poem writing activity

An A4 word mat with word relating to the Titanic and the crew

A fact and fiction worksheet to sort the statements

Newspaper reports from the time and posters advertising the Titanic for use on displays and discussion

Titanic history resource pack

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