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  • Large letters that spell 'Theatre'
  • Large colourful 'Theatre' banner
  • Posters that the children can fill in showing the times the performances and shows start, what the performance will be and also who the  actors in that days performance are
  • Templates to make simple masks
  • Posters showing the refreshments available, also large coloured pictures of drinks and popcorn
  • A coloured and a black and white 3D popcorn box to make- this can be filled with pretend 'popcorn' or left empty
  • Price posters and posters showing the seating places for the theatre
  • Booking forms and forms to order more refreshments- both are great for encouraging writing in the role play area
  • A5 cards showing the different things in the theatre - each with word and picture- eg.ticket office, lights, costumes etc
  • Lots of different signs for your theatre such as 'NO SMOKING', toilet signs, emergency exit signs, dressing room signs, entrance and exit etc
  • Tickets which the children can pretend to sell for the theatre
  • A 3D ticket holder to make which can be made to hang around the sellers neck
  • Number for the seats in the theatre

Theatre role play

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