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The pack includes:


Topic web- lots of ideas and activity ideas for teaching about the five senses


Senses Power Point- a power point about our five senses


Display banner- a long colourful banner for your display


Display border- a colourful hand print border to print as many times as you need for a display board of any size


Posters- an A4 sized poster to print for each of the senses


My Five Senses workbook- a book to make where the children can draw and write about each of their five senses


Question cards- a collection of decorated question cards for you to include on displays asking the children about their senses

Topic word cards- word cards to include on displays or in the writing area

A collection of worksheets-  worksheets about our senses such as naming things we can see but not touch, describing an object using their senses to explain about it to an alien, What we use each of our senses for, things we like and don’t like the taste of etc.


Sound walk activity- make some big ears and go on a sound walk and use the pictures as prompts when talking about what they have heard

Senses activity- a set of collecting boards for the children to sort the pictures for each sense


Smell activity- an activity guide for setting up a smelly pot activity and recording sheet


Bingo- a colourful senses bingo game to make and play


Sound bingo Power Point- listen to the sounds and cover them on your printable bingo boards

Guess the sounds Power Point- listen to the mystery sounds and choose the correct answer on the IWB


Coloured magic wands to make- cut and make these wands and add coloured cellophane for the children to look at things inside and outside


Coloured glasses to make- make the glasses and add coloured cellophane for the lenses


Seasons worksheets- write and draw about what the children can see, smell etc. each season


The Senses resource pack

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