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The pack includes:

  • A large display title banner featuring pictures of fish and other sea creatures
  • A smaller display title poster
  • 18 sea creature colour pictures including the Rainbow Fish, his friends, the Wise Octopus plus other items to make up an under the sea scene.  These pictures are in large A4 size
  • All of the sea creature drawings in black and white so they can be used for colouring and art activities
  • A lovely colourful photo pack with 15 photos of fish and other sea creatures
  • Alphabet fish- each letter on a separate colourful fish
  • Number fish up to 100- each number on a separate colourful fish
  • A black and white fish face mask to make
  • A black and white octopus face mask to make- great for retelling the story or making up new stories
  • A set of colourful fish face masks of the Rainbow Fish and other colourful fish in the story
  • A coloured octopus face mask
  • Large lettering with a bubble pattern spelling 'The Rainbow Fish'
  • A matching pairs game
  • Dotted tracing pictures of the Rainbow Fish and the Octopus
  • Counting cards showing the different sea creatures and numbers
  • A display border with sea creatures and a bubble design-this can be printed as many times as you need enabling it to fit around a display board of any size
  • A book information display sheet with pictures and the title and author of the book
  • A game to collect the coloured scales for your fish with a special die to make
  • Story words on bubbles
  • A magnetic fishing game to make with characters from the story- three parts of this are shown at the bottom of the picture as a frieze which would also look great as a backdrop to the water area.  When the 4 A4 panels are fixed into a square, the sea creatures can be put inside and 'caught' with a fishing rod
  • 3 black and white colouring scenes


Please note:  The art work used in these resources has been produced by ourselves.  It is not associated with, or endorsed by the author or publishers of the story, or any related stories or products.

The Rainbow Fish story resource pack

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