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The pack includes:



1- London in the 17th Century- what was life like, what people wore, what housing was like.

2- The Great Fire of London- where it started, how it started, what happened.

3- Timeline of the fire- simple pages showing what happened on each day.

4- How do we know about the Great Fire of London- looking at diaries from the time and paintings and pictures.

5- London today- what is London like and what has changed since the Great Fire of London, the monument and the fire brigade today.



  • A display banner
  • A display border
  • Word cards
  • Question cards about the fire
  • Sequences of event cards- A4 posters showing simple pictures and details of what happened each day of the fire
  • Sentence writing worksheets
  • An acrostic poem
  • Pictures of the diarist Samuel Pepys
  • A-Z lettering
  • Word mat
  • Writing pages
  • Photos and images
  • Question worksheet
  • Word searches
  • Newspaper report sheets
  • Rhyme worksheets
  • Order the statements
  • Make the sentences
  • Order the pictures
  • Baker conversation sheet·
  • Rhyme poster
  • Diaries
  • Fire brigade worksheets- worksheets to compare fire engines now and then, writing about the fire service now and writing about the equipment used by the fire service in the 17th Century


The Great Fire of London history resource pack

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