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The pack includes:

· A display banner

· Several different display borders

· Information fact cards on the planets and the sun

· An A4 word card

· Photos- coloured photos showing space rockets, astronauts, the night sky etc.

· Planet photos

· Topic words

· Constellation posters

· Five Little Men number rhyme

· Display lettering

· Five Little Astronauts number rhyme

· Space Powerpoint

· Phonemes on planets

· Moon and Earth number line

· My rocket worksheet

· My visit to the moon

· Rocket number line

· Countdown cards

· Astronaut alphabet line

· Colouring pictures

· Board game- a ‘race to space’ board game to make and play

· Play dough mats

· Make a split pin astronaut

· Counting mat


Space rocket role play

· Large banner

· Astronaut masks

· Alien masks

· Star number line

· Window scenes

· A worksheet to draw what the astronauts can see through the window of the rocket

· Posters- lots of posters for the role play area including warning signs, today’s captain, today’s astronauts etc.

· Control panel pieces

· Log book

· Space rocket checklist

· Badges

· ID badges

· Alien stick puppets

· Rocket fuel guage

Space topic resource pack plus Rocket role play

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