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The pack includes:

  • Large display titles: '2D shapes', '3D shapes', 'Shape'
  • A colourful display border for you to print as many times as you need for all your shape displays
  • A net of a cube and a cuboid to make
  • Question cards to encourage the children to think about the properties of shapes and the shapes around them
  • 2 Versions of a shape bingo game- one with simple shapes and the other including shapes with more than 4 sides
  • Shape clue cards with simple clues describing a 2D or 3D shape
  • A shape fan to make for the children to use- you can include the shapes you need for the ability of the children you are teaching- these would be great to use with the clue cards
  • Shape names showing the shape and name below
  • Large rainbow shapes with the name on them
  • A shape snap game- this can also be played as a matching pairs game
  • Word cards to describe shapes- these are great added to a display
  • Photos of different shaped objects in the environment
  • Small shapes cards which can be hung in the outside area for the children to search and find

Shape resource pack - Maths

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