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The pack includes:


  • A Powerpoint about different shapes and different objects which are the same shape
  • A Powerpoint for the children to watch the mouse as he draws the shape for them to guess what he is drawing
  • A Powerpoint where children can click each brick to reveal part of the hidden shape and guess the shape
  • A set of colourful posters to print out with fun shapes with faces
  • Posters with different objects which are the same shape
  • A set of sorting pictures for children to sort into the same shapes
  • Colour shape pictures for the children to copy with shapes
  • A set of worksheets for children to colour each different shape a different colour as shown in the colour key
  • Playdough mats for children to make different shapes to complete the picture
  • A game with a die to make- children roll the die and colour in the same shape on their picture
  • Colour photographs of different objects and shapes in the environment
  • A game to collect the different shape sprinkles for your cake the first
  • A game to find all of the shapes on your turtles shell the first
  • An activity to make shape finder wands for the children to find different shapes in the classroom and outside
  • A fun 2D and 3D shape poster
  • Shape fans to make for the children to use and a larger version for an adult to use
  • Match the different shapes on the butterfly to make them symettrical
  • Sorting buttons to print out and laminate- these can be sorted by colour, size or shape

EYFS Shape resource pack

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