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The pack includes:

  • A colourful 'Seaside shop' banner with small pictures of the things for sale in the shop,
  • Large colour pictures of the things for sale in the shop such as spades, buckets, inflatable boats, sun cream etc,
  • Large black and white pictures of the things in the shop -great for art work or collage work,
  • Posters decorated with small pictures of seaside related items- open/ closed, opening times plus a blank opening times poster for you to fill in your own opening times,
  • Posters advertising the seaside goods and posters to add your special offers on,
  • Labels with each picture and the name of it on,
  • Lots of different colourful posters to decorate your seaside shop- posters to warn the customers about the flags on the beach, posters to tell people when they can take dogs on the beach and posters advertising events such as rock pooling and seaside competitions,
  • Lots of forms to encourage writing such as order forms, telephone messages, jobs to do,
  • A number line to 30 on seaside themed pictures,
  • Posters to remind customers to be safe in the sun and what they need to buy to be protected in the sun.

Seaside Shop role play

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