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The pack includes:

  • A colourful display title
  • Lovely colour face masks of each of the jungle animals in the book
  • Black and white face masks of the animals for children to colour/ decorate/ collage etc
  • An A4 information sheet about each animal with interesting facts
  • Animal jigsaws to cut out and reassemble of an elephant, giraffe, zebra and crocodile
  • Word labels of different animal parts-great for discussion and writing
  • A display border of leaves-these can be printed as many times as you like to border a display of any size
  • A5 cards showing some of the patterns from the animals
  • An A4 word card with pictures of each of the animals on-this can be used for writing or maybe when reading the book to spot the animals
  • A display page with the title, author and illustrator on
  • A colourful bingo game for up to 5 players with a special jungle die to cut out and make
  • An A4 sized work border- great for displaying the childrens work quickly
  • Worksheets to cut out and label the parts of some animals-elephant, giraffe and zebra
  • Matching pairs game with pictures of the animals-this could also be used to make a snap game or many other different uses
  • Word related to the story-great for display and writing ideas
  • Worksheets to match animal pictures to their names and a worksheet to design their own jungle animal


Please note:  The art work used in these resources has been produced by ourselves.  It is not associated with, or endorsed by the author or publisher of the story or any related stories or products.

Rumble in the Jungle story resource pack

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