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The pack includes:


  • A large colourful display banner
  • Sheets of stamps to cut up in colour and black and white
  • An addressed letter for display and a poster showing how to address a letter
  • Birthday cards to design and colour and sell in the Post Office
  • Parcel labels- FRAGILE, Air mail and THIS WAY UP
  • A sheet of blank stamps to design your own stamps
  • Christmas cards to colour to sell in the Post Office
  • Name badges for the staff
  • A colourful door number line to 50
  • Envelopes to print and make
  • A large coloured post box- this prints over several pages
  • Open and closed posters
  • An open/ closed sign to stand on the Post Office counter
  • A poster with Post Office opening hours
  • Along Post Office banner
  • Hats to make for the staff to wear
  • Various Post Office signs
  • Word and picture cards with Post Office related items
  • An alphabet line on colourful stamps
  • A TV licence poster
  • A savings account book to make
  • A letter size poster
  • Weigh your items here poster
  • A poster showing prices of stamps and other postage options
  • A poster with parcel sizes
  • Various posters showing services the Post Office offers, queue here sign, Bureau de Change and staff only
  • Today's date sign
  • Next collection poster
Writing resources:


  • An air mail envelope and writing paper
  • An order book with blank pages and cover- in colour and black and white
  • An address label for parcels
  • Decorated note paper
  • Decorated telephone messages sheets
  • A passport to make
  • A passport application form
  • A TV licence form
  • Savings account application form
  • A form to fill in to send an item recorded delivery

Post Office role play

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