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The pack includes:


·         A large colourful display banner

·         Large A4 size letters of 'Police Station' - a great alternative for the role play area

·         Large policeman and policewoman picture

·         Large colour pictures of different things used by the police such as hats, whistle, handcuffs

·         Topic word and picture cards

·         A checked border which can be used on display and the police station notice boards

·         A clock to make to display in the police station

·         A number line to 50 on police helmets

·         An alphabet line on police traffic cones- great to use in your outside area

·         A plain police traffic cone- great for use in the outside area-laminate and attach to a block for the children to place where it is needed

·         Police warning tape- laminate this and make into strips for the children to place around crime scenes

·         Signs for your police station including 'Interview room', 'cells', 'store cupboard' etc.

·         Dial 999 poster to display in your police station

·         Police badges to make

·         Police hats to make


Plus lots of writing resources

Police role play

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