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  • Large lettering decorated with small pizza pictures spelling 'Pizzas',
  • A large shop sign advertising pizzas for delivery, eat in or take away,
  • Badges to make for the pizza shop staff,
  • Different hats to make for the staff and delivery people,
  • Pizza delivery signs for putting on the front of delivery bikes/ cars and on the pizza boxes,
  • Various forms to encourage writing,
  • Food labels and posters showing different foods available and also different toppings available for the pizzas,
  • Large colour pictures of the different foods and different slices of pizza,
  • Large black and white pictures of the different foods available- great for art work,
  • Various colourful shop signs- open/ closed, opening times, special offers etc,
  • Menus for the pizza restaurant,
  • Colour and black and white placemats for the pizza restaurant.

Pizza Restaurant/ Delivery role play

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