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A great pack full of activities and games for use independently and in small groups to practice the phonemes and words taught at phase 3 of the Letters and Sounds phonics scheme.  The activities can be used throughout the teaching of the phase or at the end as revision and practice.


1-Tricky word board game with a pirate theme.

2-Beginning and end of sentences- practise for reading sentences and reading for sense.

3-Clip it cards- clip the correct phoneme for each picture.

4- Four in a row- play with a partner to read four words in a row.

5-I spy- read the words and find the pictures as quickly as you can.

6-Jigsaws- match the three part jigsaws to make the word and find the picture.

7-Clip it cards- clip the correct spelling of the word.

8-Reading sentences- place the missing words in the sentences so that they make sense.

9-Picture bingo- listen and look at the grapheme and find a picture with the same sound.

10-Read the sentence- four picture boards for children to match the sentences.

11- Real and nonsense words- match the word bugs to the correct leaves.

12-Search for the sounds- Turn over a grapheme and find it on your space themed board as quickly as possible or turn over a picture card and find the phoneme.

13-Two syllable words- match the words to make new words and colour the pictures on your worksheets.

14-Yes and no questions- read the questions and sort them onto the yes and no boards or play with friends to find questions for their boards.


Phonics Phase 3 Games and Activities

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