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A bumper pack with great activities to use on an Interactive Whiteboard or on the computer.

Lots of interactive learning activities to cover Phase 2 of the Letters and Sounds scheme

Also contains full instructions for using each Power Point


Teaching letters

A Power point presentation for each letter or grapheme in Phase 2


Practising letter recognition

A set of Power point for the children to practise each letter as it is shown:

Set 1- The magic hat

Sets 1-2- Spider webs

Sets 1-3- Aliens

Sets 1-4- Fish

Sets 1-5- Practise all of the sounds in phase 2 by clicking on each card to reveal the next one


Teaching blending for reading

Four Power points for children use the sound buttons to read each word:

Sets 1-2

Sets 1-3

Sets 1-4

Sets 1-5


Practising blending for reading- 1

Set 1-2- What’s in the hat

Set 1-3- Read the jungle words and choose the correct picture but don’t choose the wrong word or you will be growled at by the angry lion!

Set 1-4- Read the word and choose the correct picture

Set 1-5- Read the words on the bees and choose the correct picture on the flowers


Practising blending for reading- 2

Three Power Points similar to the buried treasure games:

Set 1-2- Apple sorting

Set 1-4- Parrots

Set 1-5- Pirate treasure


Teaching segmentation

Three Power Points using phoneme frames to sound-talk the words and choose the correct letters:

1- VC words

2- CVC words

3- CVC words with pictures


Practising segmentation

Six Full Circle Power Points



Tricky words

1- Teaching the tricky words

2- Reading tricky words in stars

3- Balloons

4- Honey Bears

5- Robots


High-frequency words

Four Power Points for the children to read the high- frequency word and sentence


Reading captions

Three Power Points where children read the caption and then choose the correct picture to match it

Set 1-4 words

Set 1-4 words + to, the

Set 1-5 words + to, the, no, go


Writing captions

Two Power Points which show a picture and a selection of words. Children need to read the words and then decide which order the words come in to make a caption for the picture.

Phonics Phase 2 - IWB Resource pack

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