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The pack includes:

Aspect 1

  • Describe and find it- instructions and 6 sets of colourful picture cards for the activity
  • Enlivening stories- instructions, rhyme cards for the rhymes Baa Baa black Sheep and Five Little Speckled Frogs and masks and props for singing each rhyme
  • Favourite sounds- instructions and coloured photos for the activity
  • Listening walk- instructions, coloured pictures of sounds to hear inside and outside and a sheet with a template for making large 'listening' ears
  • Old Macdonald had a farm- ideas cards, illustrated song sheet and coloured picture cards

Aspect 2

  • Animal sounds- instructions and 14 coloured animal pictures for the activity
  • Getting to know the instruments- instructions and rhyme card
  • New words to old songs- ideas card for the activity
  • Which instrument- instructions, 5 coloured pictures of musical instruments and an illustrated song card with the song 'I am the music man'

Aspect 3

  • Action songs- instructions and 4 illustrated song cards with action songs to learn and sing
  • Follow the sound- instructions for the activity
  • Noisy neighbour- instructions and 5 photos for the activity
  • Sound songs- instructions and 2 song cards

Aspect 4

  • Odd one out- instructions and 10 sets of coloured pictures to find the odd one out
  • Our favourite rhymes- instructions and 12 coloured pictures to represent different rhymes and songs
  • Playing with words- instructions and 24 coloured pictures for the activity
  • Rhyming bingo- instructions and coloured bingo playing boards with coloured pictures for the game
  • Rhyming pairs- instructions and 15 pairs of rhyming pictures
  • Rhyming soup- instructions with the rhyme to sing and 16 coloured pictures for the game

Aspect 5

  • Digging for treasure- instructions and 6 sets of pictures for the activity
  • Making aliens- instructions, worksheet and 4 coloured pictures of aliens for the activity
  • Bertha goes to the zoo- instructions and 4 different versions of the acitivity
  • Musical corners- instructions and 4 sets of picture cards
  • Our sound box- instructions and 10 sets of coloured pictures
  • Silly soup- instructions and 10 sets of pictures for the activity

Aspect 6

  • Voice sounds- instructions and illustrated sound cards
  • Making trumpets- instructions, coloured pictures and a sound horn to make
  • Metal Mike- instructions, a large robot picture and pictures of CVC, CCVC and CVCC words
  • Give me a sound- instructions and illustrated sound cards
  • Animal face masks- a set of 7 black and white animal face masks

Aspect 7

  • Toy talk- instructions for the activity
  • Which one- instructions and 10 coloured pictures
  • I Spy- instructions, 15 picture cards and ideas for an extension activity
  • Say the sounds- instructions and 15 picture cards


  • Certificates for the children
  • Picture prompt cards to remind the children of the skills needed for good listening
  • A rainbow alphabet line

Phonics Phase 1 Letters and Sounds

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