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The pack includes:


1.  A display banner

2.  A Power point about different pets and separate Power points about some popular pets

3.  Posters of different pet animals

4.  A display border

5.  Topic words

6.  Writing pages

7.  An A4 word card

8.  Fact cards

9.  Colour photos

10. Colouring pictures

11. Pictures to trace

12. Face masks

13. A bingo game

14. ‘My Pet’ worksheet

15. A number line

16. An alphabet line

17. Counting worksheets

18. Clue cards with some clues for the children to guess the different animals plus pictures to use with the cards

19. Dog and bone matching

20. Taking care of a pet worksheets

21. ‘My unusual pet’ worksheet

22. ‘I bought my pet to school one day…’

23. Match the animal to the things it needs worksheet

24. A workbook cover

25. A mini book to make

26. Word searches

27. A crossword

28. Fish counting cards

29. Acrostic poem worksheets

30. Various worksheets about pets such as sentence writing, unscrambling the words, describing pets etc

31. A bingo game

32. Pet shop maths activity set

33. Large colour pet accessory pictures

34. Make a pet in a home

35. Pet and home matching cards

36. Favourite pet survey worksheet

37. Play dough mats

38. Label the animals worksheets

39. Lost pet posters

40. Pet adjective cards

Pets topic resource pack

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