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The pack includes:

  • A display border to print as many times as you want so it can be used on display boards of any size!,
  • Large title saying 'Pancake day' and 'Shrove Tuesday'- great for use in your dining hall on pancake day or on displays,
  • Large lettering decorated with pictures of pancakes and frying pans saying' Pancake day' and 'Shrove Tuesday',
  • A photo recipe to make pancakes- this can be shown on the whiteboard or printed and laminated to make into a book,
  • A number line to 50 with the numbers on pancakes,
  • All the phonemes from the Letters and Sounds phonics phases on jam pots,
  • Topic words on pancakes relating to Pancake day and pancakes,
  • An A4 wordcard with words relating to Pancake day and decorated with pictures of pancakes- this is great for use when the children are writing,
  • A game to collect all the pancakes from the frying pan first,
  • A board game to print and make (2 x A4 size) to win the pancake race first!,
  • A selection of worksheets,
  • Information cards to learn more about Pancake day- these are great on a display or as an aide to staff,
  • Large pancake pictures and pictures of frying pans- great for displays or to make your own games for use outside such as hiding the pancakes to be found or writing letters or numbers on the pancakes for the children to order or spell words,
  • Pancake themed rhymes,
  • Black and white and coloured placemats- great for when you've made pancakes or could be used for display or colouring in on pancake day,

Also included are lots of resources to make your role play area into a Pancake shop

  • Large shop signs saying 'Pancake shop' and 'Welcome to the pancake shop',
  • Open and closed signs for your pancake shop,
  • Price posters and posters advertising different  toppings to have on your pancake,
  • Large pictures to display in the shop,
  • Hats and badges for the pancake shop staff to wear,
  • Menus.

Pancake Day/ Shrove Tuesday resource pack Plus pancake shop role play

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