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This pack has been developed in line with current EYFS curriculum which places a great deal of emphasis on outdoor play in the Early Years. 



Also great for Maths games in the classroom.


The pack includes:

  • 40 A5 sized task and activity cards - each with the area of maths covered in that activity such as number ordering, shape, size ect, the resources needed for that activity and the activity in detail and questions to further the learning.  The cards also have space for you to write further notes such as the stepping stones/ specific learning objectives, focus children for the activity etc

Also in the pack are all the resources you will need to print out and use with activity cards such as:

  • Large colourful number footprints
  • Monster number footprints
  • Dice to make for the games
  • Ladybirds and spots for a fun game
  • Frog masks for singing number rhymes
  • Numbered lily pads
  • Colourful patterned socks
  • Number cards
  • Large coloured number digit cards
  • colourful numbered snake pieces

Plus lots lots more!

Outdoor Maths activity pack

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