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A bumper pack with lots of ideas, posters, worksheets etc for teaching a topic of 'Ourselves' or also great for welcoming your new class!


The pack includes:


  • Large letters spelling 'Ourselves'
  • Multicultural face shapes to cut out with different face features and styles for you to create different faces
  • Fully assembled multicultural faces- great for display, when talking about differences and similarities and matching activities
  • A large poster to print out of the body with labels of the different body parts
  • Worksheets to label parts of the body and face and worksheets about emotions
  • Lots of question cards
  • Word and picture flash cards of the different body parts
  • Song words about bodies and feelings
  • Worksheets for children to label a picture of their body
  • Coloured pictures of faces showing different emotions and display labels to accompany them
  • 'Little Hands' rhyme and poster
  • A worksheet to draw a self portrait
  • A large picture of a skeleton
  • Coloured photos of different people of different ages
  • A4 work borders in colour
  • A passport to make



  • A banner with pictures of things babies need
  • A banner 'When we were babies'
  • Display words
  • Photos of babies
  • Worksheets to draw and match things babies need and for children to draw themselves as babies
  • Baby birth announcement cards
  • Sorting pictures
  • A baby mobile to make


Healthy Eating

  • A display banner
  • Pictures of healthy and less healthy foods
  • Topic words
  • Various worksheets to draw healthy snacks, a healthy meal, to sort healthy and unhealthy foods, draw their five favourite fruit and veg and to draw a healthy lunch


All About Me

  • A display banner
  • Various worksheets for EYFS and KS1 about themselves such as about themselves, about their families, their likes and dislikes etc
  • An A4 cover for a workbook
  • Question cards


The Senses

  • A display banner
  • Word cards
  • A poster for each of the five senses
  • A listening walk activity
  • Activity ideas
  • Flashcards
  • Worksheets

Ourselves topic resource pack

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