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  • Large letters, each with small pictures of glasses, spelling the word 'Opticians'- great to give your opticians a bold shop name,
  • A large sign saying 'Opticians' decorated with pictures of glasses,
  • Posters for the Opticians with the opening times (also an opening times posters without the times written on for you to do choose your own opening hours), and open and closed signs,
  • Label cards with pictures of different things in the opticians- glasses, sunglasses, optician etc,
  • Lots of different forms to encourage writing in the role play area- customer details, details of check-ups, reminder forms, appointments etc,
  • A4 and A3 posters for the children to give eye tests- with capital letters and lower case letters,
  • Posters to display in your opticians- waiting room, which frame colour and shape would you like, try your glasses on here etc,
  • A poster to fill in the name of the optician for that day,
  • Hats to make for the optician and optician staff to wear and also a blank hat for you to design yourself

Opticians role play

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