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The pack includes:

  • Colour pictures of Percy and the animals in the story
  • Black and white pictures of Percy and the animals- great for colouring and art activities
  • Percy's hut picture in the snow and without snow
  • Snowy trees to add to adisplay to make a great snowy scene
  • A number line to 50 on cute robins
  • Alphabet bunting to hang in your classroom- each piece has a picture of one of the animals in the story and the lower case letter
  • Winter clothing flashcards- great for discussion about clothes to wear when it is colder
  • Word flash cards with words relating to the story- each card is decorated with a picture of Percy in the snow
  • Question cards with questions about the story- great to add to a display
  • A long display banner with the title and pictures of Percy and the animals
  • A snowy board game to make and play
  • A dice game to collect the pieces of each animal
  • A worksheet to draw the scene from the window
  • Photographs of snowy scenes- a great addition to any display
  • Winter words- Words of snowflakes about winter
  • A collection of rhymes and songs about winter
  • Number rhyme about snowflakes with rhyme cards, face masks and props for singing the rhyme
  • Snowflake alphabet jigsaws- find the two halves of the snowflakes with upper and lower case letters
  • A collection of playdough mats linked to the story
  • Dress Percy for winter- choose the appropriate clothes for Percy to wear in the snowy weather
  • Colouring pictures of Percy and the animals and the snowy hut
  • Stick puppets of Percy and the animals- great for retelling the story and for making up new stories
  • Face masks in colour and black and white of Percy and the animals
  • A colourful bingo game for the story 'One Snowy Night'
  • An A4 word mat with pictures and words relating to the story
  • 'Welcome to Percy's hut' large banner- great to use as part of a role play area of Percy's hut
  • A game of snap to make and play
  • Animals footprints in the snow- great to add to a display and for discussion
  • Two different word searches with words and pictures relating to the story

One Snowy Night- Percy the Park Keeper

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