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The pack includes:

Display resources


Display border


Story words

Story questions

Days of the week cards


Oliver’s Vegetables photos

Other vegetables photos

Title poster


Role play/ story props

Face masks


Sequencing pictures

Story props



A4 word card

Vegetable alphabet line

Worksheets- various worksheets including speech bubbles, drawing the vegetables eaten each day, match the day to the correct vegetable, write the vegetable names under the correct pictures, match the vegetables to the descriptions, describe the vegetables etc

Writing pages

Design a book cover

Our food diary

Word searches



Slug and snail number line

Worksheets- add the numbers on the vegetables, subtraction worksheets, counting worksheet

Blank worksheets


Power points

Story questions

Guess the vegetables

Counting Power point


Art and craft


Face masks

Colouring pictures

Cut and stick worksheet

My favourite meal

Make a seed packet


Games to make and play

Matching pairs

Picture bingo

Vegetable garden game

Jigsaw game


Please note: The art work used in these resources has been produced by ourselves. It is not associated with, or endorsed by the authors or publishers of the story, or any related stories or products.


Oliver's Vegetables

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