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Contains resources for 30 Number rhymes.

The resources for each rhyme include:

  • An A4 rhyme card
  • Large coloured and black and white pictures
  • A Powerpoint of the rhyme
  • A number rhyme flip book
  • Face masks
  • A colouring sheet
  • A number line
  • An A4 sheet to send home with the children
  • Props for each rhyme
  • A game or activity


Five little ducks

On the Farmer's Apple Tree

Five Big Ice Creams

Five little men in a flying saucer

Five speckled frogs

Five little astronauts

Ten in the bed

Ten fat sausages

Ten green bottles

One elephant went out to play

Five sticky lollipops

Five currant buns

Five little candles

One little bee

Five little fishes

Five little monkeys

Five boney skeletons

Five brown eggs

Five fluffy chicks

Five little leaves

On the farmer's apple tree

Five little birdies

Five pretty seashells

Five woolly lambs

Five little squirrels

One little snowflake

Five little ladybirds

Five big ice-creams

Five pretty flowers

Five crispy pancakes

Five little spiders

Five little worms

Number Rhymes BUMPER pack

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