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The pack includes:


  • A long display banner
  • Posters of different nocturnal animals with their names
  • Information posters
  • Colour photos
  • A colourful display border
  • Writing sheets with decorated borders
  • Colouring pictures

8. A set of sorting pictures and base boards to sort the animals into nocturnal and diurnal

  • Face masks
  • Finger puppets
  • A PowerPoint about each of the different nocturnal animals: owl, badger, mouse, moth, bat, hedgehog and fox
  • A PowerPoint about nocturnal animals
  • An interactive PowerPoint where children are asked which animals are nocturnal and which are diurnal
  • Acrostic poem worksheets
  • A nocturnal animal bingo game
  • Word searches
  • An A4 word mat
  • Topic word cards
  • A colourful matching pairs game

20. Worksheets about different nocturnal animals and about nocturnal and diurnal animals

Nocturnal Animals resource pack

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