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The pack includes:


  • Money maths vocabulary cards
  • Posters of each of the coins
  • Coin flash cards
  • A long display banner 'Money' decorated with pictures of coins
  • Large outlines of purses and smaller coloured coin pictures for whole class work
  • A bingo game to print and play to recognise different coins
  • Word problem cards for displays- there are various difficulties of problems on the cards so you can choose the ones most suitable for your children
  • Display posters showing different items with different prices and different ways of paying for them
  • Coin dominoes game
  • Coin matching cards- match real coins onto the life size pictures on the cards
  • Various worksheets for adding coins
  • How much is in each purse- a collection of worksheets for different abilities
  • Money box activity- count the money in each money box and match to the correct card
  • Money in your hands activity- count the money held in each hand and match to the correct card
  • Various worksheets for coin recognition- matching and colouring suitable for younger children
  • Making 5p and 10p worksheets- various worksheets including colouring the coins to make 5p/10p, add more coins to make the totals, choosing the coins to pay for different objects
  • Blank pages showing different objects with price labels- these can be adapted for differing abilities and used for various activities
  • A coin fan to make so the children can show the different coins
  • Collecting change board game
  • Money word problem worksheets
  • Various activity packs with coins, money holders, items to buy and activity guide including: The sweet shop, The toy shop and Five currant buns


Power Points:
  • Coin recognition
  • How much money is in each purse
  • Giving change

Money resource pack - Maths

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