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The pack includes:

Full instructions for each game plus extra ideas for using the games and resources

Game 1

Ice cream game- counting and recognising numbers to 5- find the ice cream to add to the cones in your shop


Game 2

Ice cream ordering and recognising numbers to 10- this can be used as a game or interactive display


Game 3

Frog on the logs- counting up to 10- add or remove frogs from your log- the first to get 10 is the winner


Game 4

Frog and lilly pad ordering and recognising numbers to 10- matching the dotty frogs to the numbered lilly pads- this can be played as a game or used to make an interactive display


Game 5

Dogs and bones- counting to 10 and beyond- collect the bones for your dog and place on the cute playing boards

Maths Games pack 1- Counting and recognising numbers

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