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The pack includes:


An alphabet line on cute gingerbread men

An alphabet line on cars with multicultural drivers

Play dough mats from A-Z

Alphabet picture posters

An A4 table top alphabet mat

Phoneme tracing cards

Initial sounds bingo game

Ch, sh, th bingo game

‘My tricky words’ table top mat

A-Z bunting

Phoneme fans

Phoneme picture bunting

Phonemes on washing line clothes

Punctuation posters

CVC flip cards

CVC bingo game

CCVC/ CVCC bingo game

ABC train

Upper case and lower case letters

A collection of writing border sheets

Sorting pictures

An alphabet line on footballs

Alphabet pencils with lower and upper case letters

Phoneme writing frames

High frequency word bricks

A Humpty Dumpty to sit on your word wall

Rhyming word jigsaws

High frequency words on bees

Days of the week poster

Months of the year poster

Phoneme poster

Various alphabet posters

Five CVC posters –one for each vowel

Initial sound cards

Phoneme cards

Tricky word stars


Literacy resource pack

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